Carriage House at the Barney EstateThe Centennial event is a celebration of our one-hundred years of service to the community and is being hosted in honor of Martin & Marian Broder and our past Presidents. The event will be held outside at the Carriage House at the Barney Estate in beautiful Forest Park. Enjoy an evening of good food and company in a spectacular setting!

Tickets are $100 and include:

  • Sumptuous buffet stations. Catering by Meital. Kashrut will be observed.
  • Open bar with wine and beer
  • Festive program

 Please RSVP by Thursday, September 22, 2016.

past presidents

Herman Isenburg* 1927-1936
Abraham Kamberg* 1937-1940
Louis C. Henin* 1940-1942
Esther Z. Weltman* 1942-1944
Samuel G. Simons* 1944-1945
Joseph B. Cowett* 1946-1948
John I. Robinson* 1949-1950
Judge Abraham I. Smith* 1950-1953
Rabbi Dr. Herman Eliot Snyder* 1956-1958
Irving Merrill* 1958-1960
Richard G. Kinsler* 1960-1963
Joel R. Cohen* 1963-1965
Edward Landis* 1965-1966
Rev. Herman Abramson* 1966-1967
Adele B. Snyder* 1967-1969
Stephen W. Schupack 1969-1972
Dr. Lester Frank* 1972-1973
Philip J. Hendel 1973-1975
Mary Louise Nissenbaum* 1975-1976
Adele Cohen* 1976-1980
Michael B. Katz 1980-1982
Alan Levine 1982-1984
Hyman G. Darling 1984-1987
Mark P. Gold 1987-1990
Jeffrey Rahn* 1990-1993
William A. Caplin 1993-1994
Janice Finkelstein 1994-1996
Norman Michaels 1996-1998
Steven Weiss 1998-2001
Joseph Dorison 2001-2004
Amy Bricker 2004-2007
Martin Broder 2007-2010
Marsha Shapiro 2010-2012
Hermine Levey Weston 2012-2014


board of directors

Daniel Plotkin, Chair
Anita Sarro, Vice Chair
Jonna Gaberman, Vice Chair
Luis Escobar, Treasurer
Hermine Levey Weston, Secretary
Amy Bricker
Martin Broder
Suzette Fontaine Collins
Ellen Freyman
Sheldon Lyons
Ronda Parish
Todd Ratner
Marsha Shapiro
Corrie Trattner

life board members

Hyman Darling
Joseph Dorison
Alan Skole*
Michael Sorrell
Bernice Thaler


Maxine Stein, President & CEO

*- Of Blessed Memory

If you would like to honor a Past President or Life Board member with a message at the Centennial Celebration, click here.